Monday, May 14, 2012

Thich Nhat Hanh & The Dhamma Brothers

Thich Nhat Hanh & The Dhamma Brothers

Last night, I watched Oprah's SuperSoulSunday chat with Thich Nhat Hanh & the movie The Dhamma Brothers. Needless to say, I was centered on how he is living truth, in a very momentous way. I was also struck by the mindful movements of the Dhamma Brothers and felt very proud of their courage and willingness to face their selves in a new way. They also gave me an extra push towards sitting more often. A commitment to compassion and self-care that inevitably extends out further. Though I'm sure that their chat was longer than what was aired, these are my #notestoself ... the words from the chat with Thay:

" To be loved means to be recognized as existing." - Thich Nhat Hanh

living present, respond with compassion
back to breathing, in moment deeply
keep peace in self, beginner's mind
recognize & overcome, intention can protect
everything is new, practice to be in touch
robes a reminder, always practice
healing self and world, enlightenment always there
breathe in, know you're alive, a miracle,
go home to present moment, live deeply, mindful breathing
recognize emotion and self, feed happiness
understand (emotional) suffering
suffering / happiness, compassion begins with self
tea meditation (1 hour), free from past, future
present with tea, every moment is happiness
walking, touch ground mindfully, solidity, freedom, joy
in: I have arrived, out: I am home
deep listening relieves suffering, helps empty his/her heart
regardless of what is said, no judgment, only compassion
help to suffer less, anger is energy people use to act, 
but not lucid, compassion instead.

His four mantras:
1) Darling, I'm here for you.
2) Darling, I know you are there...and I'm so happy you are truly there.
3) Darling, I know you suffer...that is why I am here for you.
4) Darling, I suffer. I am trying my best to practice. Please help me.
From The Dhamma Brothers:

Vipassana, seeing things as they really are.
10 day intensive, noble silence, sensation.
Sensations driving behavior, learning to not react.
teaching mindful meditation, not "Buddhism"
Compassion, Love, Caring
Relaxing, controlling emotions,
Finding sense of purpose, peace of mind
Looking & dealing with self,
You can't fake with yourself.
Chanting, to create/preserve environment to work in.
"You're ready." "I can do this."
Getting angry with things in way (wanting to fix it).
be liberated. You can go back and get it.
Given the right to make own choice.
what it is to be human. practicing freedom behind bars.
reestablishing social connections, unity.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tabula Rasa

The last year has shifted me into both a new place and space. So it was about time to start anew.

Where am I?  In a graduate program for Marriage & Family Therapy in Charlotte, NC

More to come, as it's truly about the experience...  " can always come home"